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NYX Professional MakeUp Launches In India

NYX is an interesting brand of make-up. Ask your average make-up user about it, you’d probably be met with deafening silence. But ask a make-up aficionado – soon you’ll have on your hands a small crowd of hysterical fans. As this cult brand launched in India, we were tasked to reach out to this influential group of make-up junkies in an effective way.

Introducing The Brand To The Nation

The strategic idea was to launch the brand in an interactive way where the fans not only connect with the brand but also feel engaged and part of the activation. The aim was to come up with a large scale personal, spontaneous and viral thought to bring people together.

The LIVE Launch

Virtual Reality is all about bringing people remotely together. And Facebook Live let us do just that. Through the platform, a user experiences something real time and is involved one-on-one. NYX Professional Makeup gained a first mover advantage by using this platform to launch the brand in India as it helped the brand gain viral buzz and establish a brand presence in the Indian market.

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Online Store Que


Banner Impressions

Online Store Launch

Being a digital only launch, it was critical to make an impact and create buzz using social networks and tools effectively. The aim was to target makeup junkies and make consumers fall in love with the brand by showcasing its panier of bright and unique products. We did this by making content Internationally Indian.  Which is to say, for the first time, we brought International trends to the nation but gave them an Indian twist. Using the international approach we focused on building and strengthening relations with makeup-artists and social influencers to help build a strong beauty community.