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Maybelline New York India Creates India’s First Crowdsourced Kiss Song

Don’t kiss and tell they said. But our kisses are open secrets. And musical, to boot. We harnessed the power of the people through crowdsourcing. We asked our fans to send us kisses to be featured in a song and took these kisses and created a seriously fun video featuring India’s sweetheart Alia Bhat. Needless to say, the campaign was a smashing success.

Don't Kiss & Tell

Staying true to the young, cosmopolitan and contemporary brand that Maybelline New York India is; it only seemed fitting to develop a catchy and innovative mode of engaging its fans across all digital platforms in India.

Kiss, Pucker & Pout!

Maybelline New York India had a strong following on Facebook, which we harnessed. Our fans were invited to contribute kisses for a song. An innovative Facebook application was made to source these kisses. We stitched these kisses together to create the Baby Lips Kiss Song’ that brought alive both brand and product propositions.

Ring Ring

The Baby Lips Kiss Song was featured on popular music channels and radio stations and was among the top trended branded videos on YouTube for over 48 hours. Girls also had the opportunity to download the ringtone of this song and we received a total of 391, 647 ringtone downloads. At the end of the day, the results were terribly good.

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Kiss & Tell!