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Garnier Men Powerlights A Village

A constant variable when it comes to Indian villages is power. Remote areas in the nation have no power, and often the ones that have also have intermittent connection. With ‘PowerLight A Village’, Garnier stands true to its tagline ‘Take Care’ – making it not just a personal statement but extending to the society at large.

Take Care

The campaign used social currency, executed primarily across the digital platforms of Garnier Men, to provide electricity to remote villages in India. This campaign aimed at creating awareness among consumers to contribute through their pledges on social media.

Light Up A Village

Garnier gave its consumers the opportunity to participate in a movement that will help Garnier Men in the identification and electrification of lightless villages across India using solar power. The main premise of the ‘PowerLight A Village’ campaign is that every action made online, is translated into actual energy donation on – ground in the village. Instead of apathetically urging them to take action, we made the action easy. Every like share and comment across the Garnier Men social media platforms contributed a pre-determined unit of energy to underserved rural areas.


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