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Castrol Activ Gets Fans To Cling On To The Cup

Team India was to play the Cricket World Cup down under. Our task was to bring this away game, home. We had to find a way to let our nation of cricket fans, no wait… fanatics cheer for their national team from their own home stadiums.

Castrol Activ, the undisputed leader in the lubricants category wanted to connect with their millennial audience. Thus, we leveraged Castrol Activ’s sponsorship of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Cheer On

For the first time ever, cheering fans were showcased on the LED perimeter boards at the boundaries of the stadiums Down Under, while sitting in the comfort of their own homes. Fans sent in their photos, videos and cheers through either the mobile microsite ( or the Facebook application on our Castrol Cricket page. This is how we got our fans to appear along the stadium wall, this support was seen and heard by the players live during the games and by billions on television worldwide. The activity made the game a unique experience for Team India all the way in Australia; a home away game for our boys in blue.
Unsurprisngly, the results surprised us. According to Millward Brown Brand Health Track, Castrol Activ enjoyed the Strongest Brand Health in the category in H1’15 with over 60% of that number being organic. March 2015 was the highest ever volume sales month for Castrol Activ with over 3.7 Mn Litres sold. Castrol generated 59% of all ICC sponsor impressions during the ICC Cricket World Cup (325 Million). More than 600 million in India and more than 2.5 billion worldwide watched the fan support on television, making it the largest incidental exposure.

73 Mn




8.7 Mn +

  Total Engagement

632 Mn

  Total Impressions
While the numbers speak for themselves, the true testament for the campaign was when eventually the fans themselves started saying, this World Cup, they were truly able to CLING ON TO THE CUP.
We reached a record 61.69 Million on digital alone!