1. Increase awareness and buzz about its unique, internationally loved shape, packaging, heritage and distinct flavors to the Indian consumers.
2. Make the brand more relevant in Indian consumers’ life by celebrating its core proposition of “SayItWithAKiss”, a heartwarming concept about expressing affection in everyday moments of bonding with their loved ones.


1. We brought the unique shape of KISSES to life by using character animation. With a geo-targeted localized approach, social media creatives showed KISSES dancing with excitement on regional tunes creating warm connections with Indian consumers.
2. The entire Hershey Instagram Page turned into a KISSES shaped mural, with elements of every part of India being represented inside its shape.
3. Tapping into India’s nostalgia, we made ambassadors out of KISSES fans & used brand ambassadors, Shraddha Kapoor & Avneet Kaur for virality. They showed excitement on KISSES launch through a happy dance holding the pack. Describing their childhood memories with KISSES, they asked fans to join the #KISSESisHere challenge.
4. To establish the role of Hershey’s KISSES in consumer’s lives, we developed heartwarming OLVs where KISSES was shown as the language of love and care. Consumers were shown how they can express simple but heartfelt expressions like “All the best”, “Thank you” “I Care” to their loved ones with KISSES.
5. We leveraged Valentine’s Day & developed KISSESVERSARY, a newsfeed smart app that consumers can use to create their own customized video and dedicate it to their loved ones.
6. Outside teddies & roses, Hershey’s brought alive “SayItWithaKiss” in a fun and quirky way.


With Shraddha and Avneet starting the campaign, we received a massive ER of~27%, and the average ER with nano influencers rose up to ~9%. (1.5x industry average). The distribution score on Facebook was at an all-time high (6x) and the activity resulted in ~25% page growth on Instagram.
The films developed strong consumer connect and delivered ~4.2 mn views and 10 mn Impressions within 2 weeks of launch. The completion rates beat the industry average at ~50% with an extremely optimal CPV of ~0.35Rs.
On Valentine’s Day, not just couples, but BFFs, siblings, parents shared their heartwarming videos using the KISSESVERSARY app and we received an exceptional engagement rate of ~4%.
The overall campaign reached over 42 million impressions, with a reach of 24 mn unique reach and 22 mn Views across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Engagements crossed over ~3mn in the form of likes, comments, shares, story mentions. We also saw an increase in google searches by 1.5X on Hershey’s KISSES.
While several consumers were happy to discover about Hershey’s chocolate launch in India, many consumers thanked the brand for enabling them to know a new aspect about their loved ones in such an engaging way! This was truly a win for the brand.


February 2020
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