Burger King wanted to create a campaign that stood out amongst the emotionally-charged Valentine’s Day topical campaigns while still remaining contextual and relevant. The idea was simple: Break-up with Burgers & Hook-up with Whoppers. The idea was to generate a lot of buzz amongst the target consumers that consisted of a young net-savvy population and quickly spread the message through word-of-mouth marketing.


To think about a never-thought of creative collaboration with an influencer that will not only engage consumers in conversations about the Whopper but also drive sales.

Execution Strategy:

FoxyMoron, in collaboration with its sister agency, Pollen, created a DVC wherein Sima Aunty uses references from her popular show on Netflix titled Indian Matchmaking to draw parallels between relationships and burgers. The smartly thought-of dialogues (which are a spin on her original ones) convince viewers to break away from their current relationship and move on to something better. Lines like ‘How long will you be in this dry relationship?’ or ‘Ultimately, my efforts are meaningless if you keep settling for less’ keep the audiences hooked on to know what advice is Sima Aunty dispensing this time around. It is only towards the end that viewers realise she is referring to boring, dry, and unsatisfactory burgers and is encouraging everyone to move to the flame-grilled Whopper.
The campaign was backed by other promotional elements such as social media assets and contests. Extending the thought, Burger King started a contest on Instagram asking users to make memes from the video and reveal their reasons to be a part of the ‘Whopper Clan’. The first 800 entries who tagged Burger King and used the #DateTheWhopper were rewarded.


The Campaign not just received a positive response but was also successful in setting a benchmark in the industry with 11.6M total reach achieved across all Social Media Platforms. Also, the campaign received an engagement rate of 5.1% which is higher than the all-time industry engagement rate of 3.6%.

Across social media platforms, the campaign delivered phenomenal results as follows:
1. Facebook: 7.9 million impressions with an engagement rate 0.8% Vs industry benchmark of 1.4%
2. Instagram: 3.9 million impressions with an engagement rate 5.6% Vs industry benchmark of 3.2%
3. YouTube: 55.3K impressions with an engagement rate 1.7% Vs industry benchmark of 2%
As the campaign video generated a lot of buzz, many other brands like Tinder, Netflix India, OnePlus, etc. joined the bandwagon and commented/tweeted our posts and added quirky one-liners which increased their share of voice and also helped us leverage their audience


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