With the upsurge of digitization in India, more people from the rural as well as semi-rural areas have started using smartphones. Today’s mobile phone market offers affordable phones which have upto 64 gigabytes of inbuilt memory. After the memory space gets occupied, smartphone users either transfer data to other devices or delete pictures to get more storage on their devices. To transfer large amounts of data, users resort to indegenious and slow methods like data cables or bluetooth. SanDisk’s Dual USB Drive was positioned as the ideal ‘Mobile ki Pen drive’ that would eliminate this slow transfer process.

Key Strategies Implemented:

Building up on the insight, the campaign aimed to highlight that Sandisk’s Dual USB Drive was a go-to-solution for the issues of limited storage and data transfer needs. In order to easily comprehend what the product does, the catchy tagline- ‘Mobile ki Pen drive’ or ‘Pen Drives for Mobile’ was formulated. The regions targeted were rural and semi-rural areas across the country. For this, the campaign video was made in different languages such as Hinglish, Telugu and Tamil. The regional approach led the campaign to effectively reach the target audience. This campaign also slashed the stereotype that a ‘Dadi’ (grandmother in Hindi) is unaware of technology and its offerings. Dadi being the main character in the campaign, introduced the new way of transfer, thereby making the campaign even more interesting.


FoxyMoron executed the digital advertisements for this campaign on the platforms Google Ad Network and Facebook Ads. One such specifically targeted website via the Google Ad Network was Quora, on which the ads were strategically placed on pages that were limited to a conversation on the data storage category. The Rabbit Hole executed the regionally targeted video commercials for this campaign, which were also integrated across the Google Ad Network (including YouTube) and Facebook Ads (including Instagram).

Digital Advertisements executed on the Google Ad Network & Facebook Ads


  • The YouTube videos of the campaign drove the message with the highest reach of about 152 million.
  • This campaign aided the growth of the product in tier 3 and 4 markets at an average of 48% quarter on quarter.
  • This campaign also resulted in SanDisk leading the market with a 94% market share.
  • The #MobileKiPendrive Integrated Campaign also won the title of Innovative marketing campaign (TVCs, Digital Videos) of the Year at the Exhibit Tech Awards 2020.
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