To create a topical campaign targeting the 37% Orientbell Tile women shoppers and encourage more women to visit their stores. Through a campaign which projected women as being the ultimate decision-makers for their house.

Execution Strategy:

Optimising AI : Orientbell Tiles integrated it’s Google Analytics traffic data with an AI-based ad-tech solution, a few months prior to the Women’s Day campaign as an additional measure to analyse the consumer data of Orientbell Tiles better. This ad-tech solution creates a persona of the target audience that resonates most with the product in question, based on the analysis of the traffic data reports of Google Analytics. When this analysis was completed, the resonating audience persona derived by the AI-based ad-tech solution, for Orientbell Tiles was that of a Bihari; Female; Decision-Maker; Housewife/ Self-Employed. Delve.AI was the AI-based ad-tech solution used for this campaign. Based on these persona results, (derived a few months prior to the campaign), a character of a Bihari woman was included specifically in the video campaign to resonate with the Bihar target group, a focus market of Orientbell Tiles.

Strategic Media Planning: For the campaign, the platforms used and audience targeted was based on data provided by the AI-based ad-tech solution. An A/B testing method was also used to measure the success of the campaign in its focus market, Bihar, specifically as compared to other pan-India territories, which was also being separately measured.

An engaging Influencer campaign video: The brand, via the influencer, creator and talent management agency, Pollen featured Sukriti, an influencer known for her humorous sketches, as the protagonist. In the campaign’s video directed by the video solutions agency, The Rabbit Hole, the influencer portrayed the personalities of Indian women from different parts of the country while purchasing tiles from an Orientbell Tiles store. The campaign was titled #QueenOfChoices, celebrating the role women play as decision-makers whether it comes to choosing tiles as well as making other decisions that transform a house into a home.


The result of Orientbell’s Women’s Day campaign showed that Bihar displayed a 10% improvement in VTR & a 50% improvement in CTR in comparison to other pan-India locations. The strategy of integrating the persona recommended by the AI-based ad-tech solution as a character in the video of the campaign. Factored in, with choice of influencer, witty storytelling and a strategic media plan, contributed to the success of this campaign.

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