To capitalize on the meteoric rise of Google search trends like Home Cooking, Easy and Simple recipes, How to Bake a Cake during the Lockdown. We had to leverage these searches to drive consumption and boost sales of products in Hershey's portfolio.


To launch a cross media campaign titled Happy At Home. Here we curated a collection of 100+ Easy Home recipes through relatable content pieces on social media and targeted them to the new born lockdown chefs who were already searching for it over the internet.


We identified 5 relatable content pegs under which the recipes could be grouped. These were homemade cake recipes; recipes with limited ingredients; cool summer recipes; recipes that were for first time chefs and recipes that would make milk exciting for kids.

We produced 15 sec videos, remarketed ads and carousels that highlighted recipes and brought the traffic to our deliciously curated Youtube playlist with 100+ recipes where our chef, Ranveer Brar greeted consumers with simple and fun recipes.

On Instagram, we created innovative 3X1 layouts where we uploaded short 1 minute videos under each content peg. Once our fans started discovering these videos, they started flaunting their new found love for cooking on Facebook and Instagram. We encouraged them to tag us in their creations and in turn celebrated each entry on our social media pages. Thus building immense brand love through user generated content.


18.4 Mn.+ Reach
22 Mn. Views Views with a VTR of 40% Vs. Industry Average of 20%
Sales: Increase by 1.65 times Vs. Feb-20.
Hershey’s Cocoa Powder sales increased by 250% since Jan 2020.
Spreads gains 3.5% MS* Vs. LY
Over 1000+ Stories and still counting


March 2020
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